Rabu, 08 Agustus 2007

The Battle Of The Wizz

The lure of Forex Market to make millions overnight is just too overwhelming to a lots of people including my self. Now before you do anything crazy like...well, like entering the market, let me give you an illustration on how Fx market looks like...

Forex Market is like an Ocean...

The ocean doesn't care whether you're an experienced sailor or just an accountant who got lost in the middle of the ocean, if it wants to release the most terrifying storm or waves known to men, then it will do it without showing any mercy. The experienced sailors might hold on to their boat and survive the blistering thunder and storm, while the less experienced got them self thrown away from the boat and hopefully didn't get drawn and still survive to see another day.

You want to know the truth? The FX Market is designed to make 90% of all traders suffered a loss and giving the other 10% a consistent profits over and over again. One of the brokers once released a report that stated a shocking reality that only 5% of all the accounts they have are producing a consistent montly profits, the rest get washed out due to lack of market experiences and poor money management.

The FX Market is not some games that you played, it's not a game because it's involving real money, treat it as a business, a risky and serious business. There are no level of difficulties like easy, medium or high, once you entered the market then you're competing with the sharpest people from all around the world, it's crucial to really understand how the market works before you begin to invest your money in the FX market.

-Sam Indrajaya-
Beautiful Mind Trader

Selasa, 07 Agustus 2007

Sam Fx Indicator

In these 2 days I've been testing a new indicators which I called Sam's FX Indicator because...I formulated it myself hehe, the amazing thing about this indicator is that I can spot a good entry point from a more complete view/angle, now I can see the price movement like as a whole and not just a piece of it.

Here's my trading result for today 7-Aug-07, I made 8 trades with 0 loss (65 pips).
Total profit +50 Dollars, not bad for 30 minutes setup.

You can click on the picture below to enlarge.